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The Controversial Wall Of Brainless Soldiers

    Street artist Blu has upset a few people with his anti-war mural for the festival “Draw The Line” in Campobasso, Italy. The Controversial Wall Of Brainless Soldiers has caught the attention of the global social network. War is a touchy subject with many countries and the insinuation of brainless individuals in the army is seen as insulting to many with family in the service. War leaves scars for nations and Blu has tapped into a vein that still bleeds.

    The big issue is that this is perhaps a taboo for many people: one of the many young people (mostly from the South), who are ready to enlist get their hair shaved, and then their brain is removed to make way for a military helmet. Yesterday all hell broke loose: they begin to talk about cancelling this project. Since it seems to be offensive. They discuss a complete removal of the mural…


    Photos by Sopa Peptazol and Artribune.