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The Hobby Trailer: Streaming On Documentary+

    The Hobby explores the dynamic world of trading cards, the passions of seasoned collectors, and the emergence of a new wave of collectors. This captivating documentary provides an in-depth look at the trading card industry, capturing the fervor and excitement in real-time as the hobby experiences an unprecedented surge. The film chronicles the journeys of longtime collectors, showcasing their dedication and love for the craft, while also shining a spotlight on the next generation of buyers who are contributing to the hobby’s explosive growth. As the trading card fever intensifies, The Hobby directed by Morgan Jon Fox offers a comprehensive exploration of the factors and trends propelling this niche market into the spotlight and the greed factor for an unregulated industry.

    A character-driven, feel-good deep dive into the high-stakes, eccentric world of card collecting

    A McDonald’s Happy Meal shortage. A security guard escort. Guns pulled in a Target parking lot. All of these are caused by a common factor: trading cards. In 2020, a new BOOM began. For the first time, large hedge funds, celebrities like Logan Paul and Steve Aoki, nostalgic millennials, entrepreneurs like Josh Luber, and billionaires scrambled to add sports, Pokémon, and other hot item cards to their collections and portfolios.

    Over the next two years, the hobby exploded — even causing card grading services to shut down due to overwhelming customer service. This documentary is a character-driven feel-good deep dive into the high-stakes, eccentric world of card collecting, following buyers, sellers, card shop owners, graders, online streamers, auctioneers, and more, who all participate in the hobby in their unique ways. 

    • Directors: Morgan Jon Fox
    • Producers: Ted Speaker, Justin Lacob, Bryn Mooser, Kathryn Everett
    • Cast/Subjects: Josh Luber, Dani Sanchez, Gary Haase, Mike Gioseffi, Sharon Chiong, Paul Sullivan
    • Runtime: 89 minutes

    Oh, you didn’t know: If there were a single spot on a hypothetical Mount Rushmore dedicated to trading cards, Mickey Mantle’s 1952 Topps Card is widely regarded as the ultimate treasure baseball card.

    Tony M.