The Mice Templar

Michael Avon Oeming is an exciting award winning artist who is working on a new series for Image Comics called The Mice Templar. Sure you might say it looks a lot like Mouse Guard or a bit reminiscent of Erin Hunter’s Warriors. No great disrespect to Mouse Guard’s David Petersen, who has amazing artwork but yet on the stiff side. Michael Avon Oeming a well rounded artist really fleshes out characters and his jagged lines flow like magic. This book promises great adventure in the Tolkien sense.

For the young mouse Karic, the Mice Templar are merely an exciting legend. They were real, though, and a vicious civil war left them scattered and all mouse culture in the grip of brutal rat masters. When Karic’s family is enslaved, he realizes their only hope of freedom lies in his paws… if he can only find the courage and strength to become one of the legendary Templar himself.

Mike Oeming is the co-creator of the Eisner-award nominated series, "Powers" with writer Brian Michael Bendis. Mike has also done "Hammer of the Gods," and "Bastard Samurai" series.
Oeming started his career at the tender age of 14 inking books for Innovation Comics. He then went on to ink titles like "Avengers" and "Daredevil" for Marvel Comics.