A spin-off of the popular ‘Shazam!’ series (starring Captain Marvel), “The Secrets of Isis” became one of the most popular shows in the all-important block of Saturday morning programming. As a character, Isis herself was revolutionary: she was the first live-action female super-heroine on Saturday mornings.

When science teacher Andrea Thomas (JoAnna Cameron) discovers an amulet on an archaeological dig, she discovers something else: that the amulet can grant her the powers once wielded by the mighty Egyptian Goddess, Isis. Soaring as the falcon soars, running with the speed of gazelles, the transformed Andrea fights crime and rights wrongs in addition to imparting the wisdom of the ages. Her closest friends, fellow teacher Rick Mason (Brian Cutler) and students Cindy Lee (Joanna Pang) and Renee Carrol (Ronalda Douglas) are unaware of her secret identity and mystical powers… the only one who knows the truth is her pet crow, Tut!

Read more>> Before Wonder Woman, before The Bionic Woman, before Xena, there was the beautiful Isis, the descendant from an ancient Queen whose powers were reborn after thousands of years. In “The Secrets of Isis – The Complete Series” a teacher will uncover these mighty powers, and use them to battle the evil of a modern world. This exciting DVD set will inspire old as well as new viewers to chant television’s favorite mantra: ‘Oh Mighty Isis!’ The secret is out "The Secrets of Isis" is due in stores June 24.

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