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The Skiff Reader

    Let the games begin. It seems the flood gates are now open and e-readers will soon hit the market to grab that lucrative share of this young market that will re-write many in the publishing industry. According to Amazon Kindle, e-book downloads were amazing for the holidays. The numbers just keep getting better. The new slender Skiff reader is bigger than the Kindle and the slender looking reader has 4GB of space with a USB device port and WiFi ready. Waiting for the iTablet will level out the field. It’s going to be a revolutionary year in communication. Many more players will be coming out into the field. Your purchase will depend on your personality just like when you purchase a car.

    Skiff includes 4GB of on-board storage (just over 3GB is available for content) with SD card expansion, and there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack for tunes and, hopefully, text-to-speech. Content can be side-loaded over a mini USB jack or delivered via WiFi but, more importantly, 3G is also on offer thanks to Sprint, who will also dedicate some space in its retail stores to sell the thing when it launches sometime this year.