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The Starry Night Pie: Van Gogh Pie Charts

    The selection of colors made by Vincent Van Gogh has remained a subject of ongoing discussion and analysis among art historians. This is particularly intriguing given the fervent and emotive nature of the artist himself. He created a captivating collection of 28 renowned paintings, each of which carries its own unique palette.

    Taking a closer look at Van Gogh’s artistic spectrum, Arthur Buxton, in his remarkable work, has presented a series of pie charts that meticulously disperse the colors employed by Van Gogh across these iconic artworks. Buxton’s ingenious portrayal allows us to delve into the intricate nuances of Van Gogh’s color preferences and their application in his masterpieces.

    As you engage with these visually captivating pie charts, the challenge arises: Can you accurately identify and differentiate these artworks based solely on their distinctive color compositions? It’s a testament to both Van Gogh’s creative prowess and Buxton’s analytical approach that such a task holds both intrigue and potential insight into the artistic genius of one of history’s most celebrated painters.

    Tony M.