The Ugly Guide to the Uglyverse

Look who reared its ugly head.  Uglydolls found their way to Random House with two guides to the Uglyverse. These dolls have in the past few years developed a loyal following and grew each year with new ones. The idea behind these characters created by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim fancy the imagination for all. In this safe universe where ugly is cute in a superlative way is a fresh beacon to the usual gore-fest out there from other individuals who thrive in creating truly horrific characters. The stuffed animals are a hit all over the world and these guides will help you discover David’s and Sun-Min’s world of fun.

The Uglydolls have taken our world by storm with their adorable uglyness and hilarious personalities. And now, Uglydoll lovers everywhere can get their first-ever glimpse into the mysteries of the Uglyverse! Join Wage, Babo, and the rest of the Uglydolls? quirky characters on a tour of Ugly Town. In Ugly Guide to the Uglyverse, you?ll dine in Ugly Town?s fine (and not-so-fine) restaurants, go on a tour of the Ugly History Museum, check in to the Ugly Hospital, vacation at the Ugly Beach, and learn even more about Ugly Town and the Uglydolls themselves, including what Jeero really does all day and what Big Toe wants to be when he grows up. Ugly Guide