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The World Cup Translated for Americans

    As the world cup is ever getting closer, North America seems to still be at odds with the international sport that has not caught on here. With football, baseball, football and even hockey there seems to be very little room in the hearts of die hard Americans who cannot relate to the sport. The influx of immigrants is slowly bringing new fans to MLS in North America. Brendan Hunt an ex-American living in Holland became a fan of soccer and tries to explain the world teams in terms of North American sports teams. The glories and frustrations of these teams are likened to the teams of North America that we can relate to.

    If you’re American, soccer probably isn’t your cuppa tea. But, due to ESPN’s admirably relentless promotion (they’ll be unleashing their three Big B’s: Bob Ley, Bill Simmons and Bono), you’re probably at least a little curious about the World Cup, if you’re a sports fan anyway. But when it comes to going the extra mile and actually learning about all the teams, perhaps that sounds like something for which you can’t be bothered.

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