Think Pink

The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection, Vol. 6 – Inspector Cartoons

At last every many false starts, volume 6 of this amazing set of cartoons, the Inspector will finally see it to DVD.

Originally released as a series of theatrical cartoons, the hilarious Inspector Clouseau and his trusty assistant Sergeant Duex-Deux gained millions of fans with their constant fumbling while solving crime after crime. From a creative staff that helped define the stylized "cool" of ’60’s/’70’s animation, The Inspector was produced by David DePatie features direction by Fritz Freleng ( Return To The Planet Of The Apes ), Chiniquy ( Transformers ), Robert McKimson ( Looney Tunes ) and George Singer ( The Bullwinkle Show ), with scripts by John W. Dunn ( Daffy Duck’s Quackbusters ) and others.

With a nose for clues, an eye for intrigue and a mind like a steel trap that’s jammed shut, The Inspector sets out to solve Paris’ most puzzling crime mysteries