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Toronto Blue Jays For Sale

    blue jays for sale

    Are the Blue Jays up for sale? This week Rogers Communications made the biggest broadcast deal with the NHL. Canada is hockey country. Baseball failed in Montreal. Toronto the last foreign outpost for Major League Baseball and it seems in my opinion it is on shaky legs. Rogers knows where the money is. Hockey triumphs over baseball in all ten provinces, even in Ontario. The Blue Jays will never be Canada’s baseball team. Rogers has to give up something for their $5.2-billion deal to become the marquee media partner of the National Hockey League in Canada. According to Forbes, the Blue Jays are worth $568 million. Sky Dome is already an old facility for baseball, it’s almost 25 years old. When you watch a game, the patched artificial turf looks worse than the carpets in my house. Baseball is meant to be played on grass. Will there be a buyer for the team? Besides Bell Canada, there is no crazy Canadian willing to spend that kind of money on a baseball team. It’s a good thing the Blue Jays are playing two preseason games in Montreal. Canada take a good look at the last professional baseball team to ever play in Canada. A little blue bird tells me before baseball spring training, the Blue Jays will be up for sale. The purse strings will be fastened on the team like never before.