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Uriah Heep: The Magician’s Podcast

    Podcasting has come a long way. Comedians and actors have weathered the storm for many years and now are reaping the benefits. It is the new age of radio. Covid-19 has helped many wannabe podcasters emerge from out of nowhere. All you need is a computer and a microphone. Spotify invested millions into podcasting, the medium is exploding like mushrooms. Audiences are growing larger each day.

    I am enjoying Scott Haskin’s podcast called The Magician’s Podcast Fan Podcast Endorsed by Uriah Heep. Scott brings a unique personal perspective to each individual song played chronically by song order of each album. The beauty of Uriah Heep is that they have a large catalog of songs. They also released many expanded versions of their songs. The early albums were re-released with added bonuses. Scott plays all the different versions. He approaches each song as a fan but as a music professional with industry experience. If your ears want to experience something magical and entertaining Scott Haskin is your man.

    Mick Box, Uriah Heep’s last original member occasionally chimes in with his witty banter for Uriah Heep The Magician’s Podcast. Scott promises many more future surprise guests.

    Over the years, the British hard rock band Uriah Heep has released 24 studio albums (of original material), 20 live albums, 41 compilation albums, 27 UK singles (33 worldwide), and 17 videos. The band’s best-selling album is “Sweet Freedom” which was released in 1973 and its worldwide sales are more than 6 million copies.Wikipedia

    Uriah Heep sold more than 45 million album copies and had more than 4000 concerts in 60 countries.

    Fun Fact: Uriah Heep sold out the concert series in Olympic Stadium in Moscow. They were officially invited by “Glasnost” and welcomed 180,000 music lovers. They were the first Western rock band that took the stage in Russia.