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Vending Voodoo Dolls

    Vending Voodoo Dolls

    Voodoo is taken very seriously by Haitians and I found this odd considering that these little dolls were sold in a highly populated Haitian neighborhood. Pagan believes to many but embedded in New Orleans and Haitian culture, the voodoo dolls are an oddity or perhaps an insult to the sensitive group deeply rooted in superstitious rituals.


    vending voodoo dollsCast a spell, make a wish or use as a lucky charm, Allstar brings their new Voodoo Doll series to the market this summer. With 24 different and colorful varieties, the Voodoo Dolls wear costume elements like: a Kung Fu headband, bow tie and cape and a sailor shirt. Some come with dangler strings – you can hang them anywhere! This item is great for boys and girls of all ages.

    Tony M.