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Walt Disney Celebrates 90 Years of Donald Duck

    I’ve always had a special fondness for Donald Duck. Unlike those pesky chipmunks Chip ‘n Dale, who always seem to be causing trouble for him, Donald has always been my favorite. This year marks a significant milestone as Donald Duck celebrates his 90th anniversary. To honor this beloved character, Walt Disney is going all out with a comprehensive merchandising campaign. Fans can look forward to an exciting array of Donald Duck-themed products and special events designed to celebrate his enduring legacy and the joy he’s brought to audiences for nearly a century.

    This months-long celebration promises to be filled with delightful activities and special moments throughout various company segments. Highlights will include contributions from Walt Disney Animation Studios, new consumer products, special events at Disney parks, and much more. On June 9, Disney will release a new brand spot that pays tribute to the storytelling magic that has made Donald Duck a beloved character since his debut in the 1934 Walt Disney Silly Symphony short cartoon, The Wise Little Hen. This commemorative spot will shine a light on Donald’s rich history and enduring appeal as part of Disney’s animated legacy.

    Throughout the summer, fans will have the opportunity to shop for a wide array of new products inspired by Donald Duck from leading brands such as Cakeworthy, Citizen, Forever 21, GAP, PEZ, Simple Modern, and more. This campaign is a tribute to the journey of this iconic character and his significant role in Disney’s unparalleled storytelling legacy.

    Donald Duck’s relatable frustrations with everyday life have endeared him to audiences worldwide, making him one of the most famous personalities ever created. His widespread popularity and numerous accomplishments, both on and off the screen, have garnered him many accolades, including a star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame and his webbed footprints immortalized in cement outside the famed Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

    Donald Duck has starred in over 150 short films, more than any other Disney character. To celebrate his storied career, on June 9, The Walt Disney Studios Restoration and Preservation Team will release two newly restored classic Donald Duck shorts directed by Disney Legend Jack Hannah. These will be available for streaming on Disney+. In “Crazy Over Daisy” (1950), Donald tries to get back at Chip and Dale for wrecking his bicycle while he’s on his way to Daisy’s house. In “Out on a Limb” (1950), Donald disturbs the tree home of the chipmunks with a tree pruner, which they mistake for a monster. This summer celebration not only honors Donald Duck’s legacy but also highlights his enduring charm and the timeless appeal of his adventures.

    Tony M.