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Will Eisner-Life, in Pictures: Autobiographical Stories

    Life, in Pictures: Autobiographical Stories

    What else could be said about Will Eisner, the man was in the forefront in the golden age of comics. He created Sheena, Queen of the Jungle and The Spirit, pioneered the graphic novel. He has an award named after him and is the prestige award in cimics as the the Oscar is to the movies. Mundane might be a word to describe his life, his passion spoke through his art. What a better way to tell of his life in the apropos title of "Life, in Pictures: Autobiographical Stories". To compliment a body of work like this, you got to bring in big gun comic expert Scott McCloud with an introduction worthy of this great book. This is a definite treat for October. Read more>>

    In what will be the closest thing Eisner fans will see to an autobiography, the great master and pioneer of American graphic arts presents the most intimate and personal perspective yet on his life as a writer, a professional, and an artist. "The Dreamer" and "To the Heart of the Storm" describe Eisner’s gritty early life and career, while "The Name of the Game" chronicles a personal history of his wife’s family. Finally, two shorter pieces illuminate the bookends of a legendary career: "The Day I Became a Professional"—which will appeal to any hopeful young artist—describes Eisner’s first rejection from a potential publisher, and "A Sunset in Sunshine City" provides a poignant portrait of Eisner in old age. The book features famous characters from the world of comics (under pseudonyms, of course) and other historical figures and family members, all drawn with Eisner’s characteristic mastery and technique.