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Wondery: The Cat in the Hat Cast Podcast

    Dr. Seuss‘ cherished collection of children’s books is embarking on an exciting new journey into the world of podcasting through a groundbreaking partnership with Amazon’s renowned podcast studio and network, Wondery.

    In a comprehensive agreement between Wondery Kids & Family and Dr. Seuss Enterprises, a series of captivating podcasts is set to be unveiled. The inaugural offering, “The Cat in the Hat Cast,” is a spellbinding podcast series fashioned as a variety show and hosted by the iconic red and white-hatted Cat, adored by audiences of all ages. Scheduled to debut on September 18th, this weekly series will be exclusively accessible through the Wondery+ subscription service via the Wondery app and the Wondery Kids+ platform on Apple Podcasts.

    Kids and families will have a blast when they listen to the new Dr. Seuss podcast!

    “The Cat in the Hat Cast” promises to transport its listeners into a realm teeming with enchanting mix-ups and exhilarating mayhem. In this whimsical soundscape, the mischievous Cat takes center stage, offering the ever-cautious Fish a masterclass in hosting a flawlessly poised podcast. The podcast’s content is slated to include engaging alphabet sing-alongs, mind-bending tongue-twisters, and playful wordplay. Voice talent for the characters features Andrew Barbato, a multifaceted artist, including singing, writing, and comedy, lending his voice to The Cat in the Hat. At the same time, Brandon Zelman, a versatile actor, improviser, filmmaker, and writer from Brooklyn, brings the character of Fish to life.

    This pioneering partnership marks a momentous occasion where the beloved tales of Dr. Seuss will be reborn in the auditory realm, offering fans and newcomers alike a delightful and immersive podcasting experience. As the Cat in the Hat and his piscine companion embark on this new audio adventure, audiences of all generations can anticipate a blend of nostalgia and fresh creativity in the spirit of Dr. Seuss’ enduring legacy. With this collaboration, the magical world of Dr. Seuss is set to captivate yet another generation of young and young-at-heart listeners, proving that the timeless charm of these stories knows no bounds.