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Wrestling Death

    wrestling death

    Since 1985 over 77 professional wrestlers have died under the age of 50. Most of these deaths were related to drugs in the steroid age. Lance McNaught better known as Lance Cade has died from heart failure at the age of 29. Not considered a sport, the media has zeroed on baseball athletes and their tainted records as wrestlers keep dropping like flies after failed careers. Many see them are mostly circus animals trained for the amusement of owners and fans. The higher echelon performers make good money while the other wrestlers fade into oblivion with very little savings. Unlike other athletes with strong unions, wrestlers are left to their own devices. Many of them not having a proper education find themselves in the trouble with the law and die at a very young age. Lance Cade had a drug dependency while wrestling for the WWE and never found a way to come back into the fold in the industry. Once you are gone from the big show, it’s a life of sub par venues that pay very little. Many of these wrestlers cannot survive under these conditions and turn to drugs even more.