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A brand-new version of Monopoly: Barbie edition cashes in movie success

    Building on the triumph of the latest Barbie movie, Hasbro has made the strategic move to unveil a fresh iteration of Monopoly, showcasing the beloved Mattel doll. Aptly named Monopoly: Barbie Edition, this delightful version is meticulously crafted to exude the essence of the Barbie universe, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world inhabited by these iconic characters. Below is the official description provided by the company for this unique rendition of the game.

    “Be anything with Barbie! With the Monopoly: Barbie Edition board game, players can imagine slipping into pink Barbie shoes as they follow their dreams to own it all! First, players choose from 6 Barbie-inspired zinc tokens in her signature color, pink: Dog, Show, Sportscar, Speedboat, Roller Skate, and Barbie herself. Then, each player selects a Be Anything card to choose from 6 Barbie careers before they travel the board and purchase famous locations in the Barbie dream world and build their own DreamHouses. If they roll a “B” with the Barbie dice, they can flex their unique Be Anything skill, giving them an edge over opponents. Live out career and fashion goals by drawing Dream Career and Dream Closet cards. With convertibles, campers, cute pups, and more, you can own it all, express yourself, and live your dreamiest dream with Monopoly: Barbie Edition!

    As evident from the game board, this is not the complete edition of Monopoly; rather, it resembles more of a Monopoly Jr. version, tailored with specific branding. Mattel and Hasbro collaborated closely to ensure a harmonious blend of their two properties. The game is now available for pre-order at $25, conveniently purchasable through Amazon. However, for those who prefer not to wait for delivery, it will be hitting retail stores on October 1st, 2023.

    Tony M.