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Adobe announces new AI-powered “Firefly” features in Illustrator

    The future of Adobe Illustrator is here! Unlock a whole new world of color with Generative Recolor (beta). Transform your palette with simple text prompts, detect fonts with Retype (beta), discover the enhanced Image Trace tool, and more.

    Good news for Adobe users! The popular Illustrator application now includes the latest integration of Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) generative engine, Firefly. With the new “Generative Recolor” feature, users can easily change color palettes based on a text prompt within their Illustrator file.

    Adobe has introduced Firefly to Illustrator, which can help designers save time when applying various color treatments to projects such as logos and packaging. With Firefly, users no longer have to manually change colors. Instead, they can use text-based prompts like “80s neon vaporwave” or “autumn season,” and Firefly will immediately provide different options.

    Generative Recolor (beta) helps you capture colors faster, as it enables you to quickly try out an infinite array of colors, explore color palettes, and create multiple color combinations to match the vision you want your artwork to express. Color can be continuously changed, so you can keep editing your graphics at any time to take them further until you get just the right look and feel.

    The automatically generated color variations can be used to create multiple color combinations from a single artwork file that you can apply anywhere whether it’s for social media, print, or the web. You can also adjust your existing work for different styles or seasonal changes. Or show a wide variety of color options to a stakeholder or client.

    Generative AI features like Generative Recolor (beta) function as your trusted creative co-pilot that helps you explore your ideas faster and more efficiently. While it’s not for commercial use in the beta, you can still create confidently. Firefly is trained on Adobe Stock’s hundreds of millions of professional-grade licensed, high-resolution images, which helps ensure Firefly won’t generate content based on other people’s work, brands, or intellectual property.

    Here are some examples of how Generative Recolor (beta) can help you in your day-to-day work:

    Brand identity graphics

    Using Generative Recolor (beta) speeds up the workflow as you no longer need to manually adjust each color and research color themes. You can also use it to spark inspiration and mood boarding and share options with stakeholders or clients.

    In the below example, the original artwork (left) was quickly recolored to explore color palettes (right).

    Image created using Adobe Illustrator.
    Image created using Adobe Illustrator.

    This is a great way to come up with color recommendations based on a simple text prompt to arrive a multiple brand identity graphics for product packaging:

    Image created using Adobe Illustrator.

    Digital drawing and illustration

    With Generative Recolor (beta) you can personalize a theme and get to the right look and feel faster. For example, you can take a vector art illustration, like the below landscape art, and further refine its colors based on the style or vision you want to express.

    Image created using Adobe Illustrator.
    Image created using Adobe Illustrator.
    Image created using Adobe Illustrator.

    Marketing and advertising graphics

    Generative Recolor (beta) enables you to quickly create variations of an existing ad or poster for seasonal or holiday changes. In the below example, you can generate different options using the text prompt “Autumn.”

    Image created using Adobe Illustrator.

    For more on Generative Recolor (beta), update Illustrator to try it out yourself or experiment with it, and all of Firefly’s capabilities, on

    Disclaimer: Generative Recolor (beta) is available to all Creative Cloud members with a subscription or trial that includes Illustrator. Generative Recolor is currently not available for commercial use while in beta, not available in China, and works with English-only text prompts.

    What else is new in Illustrator

    In addition to Generative Recolor (beta), we’re also introducing new innovative and time-saving tools that will help you design with even more precision and efficiency.

    Introducing Retype (beta)

    Image created using Adobe Illustrator.

    The next time you’re inspired by a font you see in the wild, take a photo and bring it into Illustrator. Now you can detect a font from a static or non-editable text (either text from a raster image or outlined vector text). Retype identifies and pulls up the closest font matches from Adobe Fonts — no more sifting through thousands of fonts trying to find the one that matches your design!

    Image Trace improvements

    Image created using Adobe Illustrator.

    Converting raster images to vector art is now even easier with new enhancements to Image Trace. Auto-detect or choose an Image Trace preset, select any single color to ignore and and customize color modes. We’ve also given the panel a fresh look and feel and introduced auto-detection for the recommended preset based on the image.

    Save time with Layers search & filter

    Image created using Adobe Illustrator.

    Now you can search for and filter by names, text, shapes, and various object effects or properties to quickly find specific graphics and navigate through multiple layers.  Open the Layers panel, and use the search function or select a filter.

    PDF enhancements

    Image created using Adobe Illustrator.

    This release also includes new functionality based on your requests. Check out PDF Preset Memory, for example — now when saving your PDFs, your latest presets will be remembered and become the new default. Also, new working hyperlinks can be added to text and images when saving PDFs.

    Share for Review

    Image created using Adobe Illustrator.

    Share updates with your team or clients using the same link to get feedback faster. Link recipients don’t need an Adobe account to open and review your document, and you can set a password for added security. All comments flow back into your file.

    The future of Illustrator is here

    Try all the new features, including Generative Recolor (beta), and experiment with them in your workflow by updating Illustrator to the latest version today.

    This is just the beginning of Illustrator’s generative AI journey. Over the next few months, we’re going to roll out many more Firefly-powered features that will help accelerate your workflows, spark your inspiration, and arrive at your creative vision faster.

    Tony M.