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Amazing Pringles Spider sports the Pringles logo on its back

    the pringles spider

    If you’re thinking ‘OMG that spider looks exactly like the Pringles logo’… We couldn’t agree more. It’s green, has 8 legs and a Pringles logo on its back. This is why Pringles is on a mission to get this spider officially recognized as the Pringles Spider. We’re calling on the arachnid community to do what’s right and recognize this very real spider as the Pringles Spider. 

    It’s a promotional stunt, it seems unlikely that formal science organizations are going to change the “Kidney Garden Spider” name to promote a snack food product.

    the pringles spider petition

    Pringles is rallying fans to sign its petition to the arachnid community to get this 8-legged wonder officially recognized as the Pringles Spider in all its Pringles-parading glory. 

    Visit to learn more and to adopt a Pringles Spider of your own.

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    Tony M.