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Andrew Hickey featured on Rick Rubin’s Tetragrammaton podcast

When the Covid pandemic struck, my daily commute to work became an opportunity to explore the world of podcasts. Among the plethora of options, one show that captured my heart was “Broken Record,” hosted by the talented quartet of Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam, and Justin Richmond. Although I found the other hosts enjoyable, it was Rick Rubin’s episodes that truly resonated with me. Initially centered around musicians, Rubin decided to venture into new territory by interviewing people beyond the music industry. It was this evolution that led to the creation of his new podcast, “Tetragrammaton,” an enigmatic name that piqued my curiosity.

Over time, I discovered that Rick Rubin had embarked on a spiritual journey of sorts, which added an intriguing dimension to his show. His unique perspective and in-depth conversations with guests were a breath of fresh air in the podcasting world. I eagerly looked forward to each new episode, especially when he featured unexpected guests like Andrew Hickey.

Now, Andrew Hickey is someone I never expected to hear on a high-tier show like “Tetragrammaton.” I have a secret collection of podcasts from various corners of the globe, and one of my favorites is A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs by Andrew Hickey. Imagine my surprise when the latest episode of “Tetragrammaton” featured him as a guest. Rick Rubin only scratched the surface of Andrew’s background, leaving me hungry for more.

Andrew Hickey’s podcast is not your typical fare. He delves deep into the significance of individual songs, uncovering their intricate connections and influences within the world of music. No stone is left unturned as Andrew passionately guides listeners through an interwoven web of musical history. He has undoubtedly become my personal rock and roll university teacher, and while his pace may differ from other podcasts, the knowledge he shares is worth the wait. I find myself eagerly anticipating each new episode, savoring every song and artist he features. A stickler for detail is your benefit as a listener.

Rick Rubin deserves commendation for bringing deserving guests like Andrew Hickey to the forefront. Hickey’s hard work and dedication shine through in his podcast, providing listeners with a wealth of musical insights and details. The recent collaboration between Rubin and Hickey on “Tetragrammaton” was nothing short of marvelous, showcasing their collective passion for music.

While I could continue to sing praises about my two favorite podcasts, I must urge everyone to listen to these two incredible shows and witness the magic of music as it unfolds in the hands of true aficionados. Each week, I am consistently impressed by Rick Rubin’s profound musical knowledge and the unique perspectives he brings to the table. So, without hesitation, I highly recommend you dive into “Tetragrammaton” and “A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs” and discover a world of music like never before.