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Bad Seed Book announces the sale of 100,000 Non-Fungible-Trump trading cards

    the bad seed

    We picked Presidents Day to launch our NON-FUNGIBLE-TRUMPs to remind people that the 45th edition was the worst.

    This exclusive collection of 100,000 NON-FUNGIBLE-TRUMPs is derived from 10 classic illustrations by Catalan Artist Ivan Cuadros, from the Bad Seed Book, a legendary online satire of the Trump administration, which is being prepared for publication as an illustrated novel on Trump’s birthday, June 14, 2023. Popular illustrations from the series include Trump Baby, Trump (statue of) Liberty, Trump Dictator, Trump Godzilla and Trump Slapped (by Stormy Daniels).

    the bad seed

    According to writer/creator Adam Kidron: “The NON-FUNGIBLE-TRUMPs, like the Bad Seed Book itself, serves as a satirical counterbalance to Trump and his bully-pulpit, which he uses to intimidate, discriminate and sell dangerous untruths. So when Trump announced his sale of 45,000 “comic” NFT we decided to create a series of greater artistic, social, and economic value. We picked President’s Day to launch to remind people that the 45th edition was the worst. Trump’s NFT trading cards recently hit a new peak price of $1,000 each, providing purchasers with a 1000% return.  Given the relative size of the #nevertrump market, we expect that people purchasing the Bad Seed Book series of NON-FUNGIBLE-TRUMPs will do even better!”

    Tony M.