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Bath Time Fun With Mr. Bubble New Blue Gummy Bear

    Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day in Style with Mr. Bubble

    On January 8th, we celebrate National Bubble Bath Day, and this year, Mr. Bubble, owned by Village Company, is marking the occasion with an exciting announcement. Introducing a delightful limited-edition bubble bath inspired by the sweet and colorful world of gummy bears.

    Sink into a world of bubbly bliss with the all-new Mr. Bubble bath, boasting a vibrant blue hue and an irresistibly “fruity scented” aroma that promises to elevate your bathing experience. Encased in an adorable bear-shaped bottle reminiscent of the beloved gummy bears, this limited-edition release combines playful design with a tantalizing fragrance, making it a must-have for bubble bath enthusiasts.

    Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day in Style with Mr. Bubble

    Adding to the charm, the label showcases the iconic Mr. Bubble mascot, ensuring a touch of nostalgia and fun for users of all ages. This unique and whimsical creation is a testament to the creativity and innovation that Village Company brings to the world of bath products, offering a special treat for those looking to indulge in a bubbly celebration on National Bubble Bath Day. Treat yourself to the enchanting world of Mr. Bubble and experience the joy of bathing in a burst of gummy-inspired delight!

    “Gummy bears have been bringing joy to kids for over 100 years, so we felt it would be the perfect pairing for our new, limited-edition bubble bath,” Allison Peters, associate director of marketing at the Village Company, said via press release. “For Mr. Bubble’s special day, we’re essentially offering two icons in one bottle, delivering not only our signature big, fluffy bubbles but filling the air with a familiar, fruity scent, all in a reusable bear-shaped bottle to keep the fun going for bath times to come.”

    Tony M.