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Bill Watterson Releases His First Published Work in 28 Years

    From Bill Watterson, bestselling creator of the beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, and John Kascht, one of America’s most renowned caricaturists, comes a mysterious and beautifully illustrated fable about what lies beyond human understanding. 

    Two extraordinary occurrences have graced us, events that are anything but ordinary. Bill Watterson, the brilliant mind behind the beloved Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, has unveiled a brand-new graphic novel – marking his first published work in a staggering 28 years, since the conclusion of Calvin and Hobbes. What makes this even more remarkable is Watterson’s longstanding reputation for being notoriously reclusive and avoiding publicity at all costs. However, in an unexpected twist, he has decided to step into the limelight and share insights about his latest creation in a captivating and humorous video, providing an illuminating look into his collaborative process with co-creator, artist John Kascht.

    The enigmatic title of this new work is “The Mysteries,” and it was officially released ushering in a wave of anticipation and excitement. According to its publisher, Andrews McMeel, “The Mysteries” is described as “a mysterious and exquisitely illustrated fable that explores the realms beyond human comprehension.” Written by Watterson himself, it weaves a tale of elusive wonder set in a medieval-like kingdom plagued by a series of devastating and inexplicable events. The heart of the narrative revolves around the valiant knights who were dispatched to uncover the origins of these calamities, adding an air of suspense and intrigue to the story.

    What truly sets “The Mysteries” apart is its captivating and haunting visual aesthetics. The black-and-white mixed-media illustrations are a testament to Watterson’s artistic brilliance, skillfully combining painting, drawing, photography, and even elements of sculpture. These mesmerizing visuals were the product of a unique and rare collaboration between Watterson and his partner in creativity, John Kascht, known for his mastery of caricature.

    In the ever-evolving world of literature and art, the return of Bill Watterson, coupled with his willingness to share his creative journey, is an event that transcends the ordinary and leaves enthusiasts and newcomers alike eagerly exploring “The Mysteries” of this remarkable graphic novel. With its combination of artistic prowess, a gripping narrative, and the reclusive artist’s newfound openness, it promises to be a work that lingers in the hearts and minds of readers for years to come.

    Bill Watterson narrates a charmingly grumpy video about collaboration with artist John Kascht

    It is worth noting that the brief tale may not satisfy fans who hold Bill Watterson’s iconic characters Calvin and Hobbes in high esteem. Despite the initial hype that may draw people in, the final product could ultimately disappoint, particularly for those who have invested their hard-earned money. Personally, while I have deep respect and admiration for Bill Watterson, I am hesitant but I will buy it as a fan.

    Bill Watterson is the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, one of the most popular and well-regarded cartoon strips of the twentieth century. Calvin and Hobbes appeared in newspapers from November 1985 until Watterson’s retirement in 1995.

    John Kascht is one of America’s most highly regarded caricature artists. A master of the form, he has caricatured thousands of famous faces for magazines, newspapers and Broadway marquees. His work is collected by the National Portrait Gallery.