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Breaking Bad Aaron Paul gets a bad break on The Price is Right

    With the recent passing of the legendary host of “The Price is Right,” Bob Barker, brings to mind a poignant episode where the well-known actor Aaron Paul made a memorable appearance as a contestant on the iconic game show.

    Aaron Paul was undeniably a devoted fan of “The Price is Right” long before he ever graced the show as a contestant. In a heartwarming moment, he unabashedly expressed his admiration for the then-host, Bob Barker, with the words, “You’re my idol,” immediately upon hearing his name called to step on the iconic game show stage. However, in a humorous twist, Paul confessed during a candid 2019 interview with BUILD Series that a significant portion of his spirited performance on the show could be attributed to his consumption of six cans of Red Bull before the taping, even humorously remarking, “I look like I’m on drugs.”

    To add a touch of irony to his story, one of the friends Paul had brought along to the show not only witnessed his near miss in the Showcase Showdown but also emerged as a triumphant winner. In the grand scheme of things, Aaron Paul’s life has certainly taken a turn for the better, with successful acting roles in shows like “Westworld” and “Breaking Bad.” Nevertheless, it’s evident that his almost-moment of triumph on “The Price is Right” remains a tender spot in his memories, underscoring the unpredictable and bittersweet nature of life’s twists and turns.

    Ironically, what appears to linger in Paul’s memory as a particularly agonizing experience is his unfortunate defeat in the Showcase Showdown. This heart-wrenching loss seems to haunt him to this day. The celebrated “Breaking Bad” star has been refreshingly open about this lingering disappointment for an extended period, as he revealed during a 2017 appearance on James Corden’s Late Late Show, stating, “I was so down in the dumps for such a long time” following his loss on the show.

    Tony M.