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can can performance

Can-Can Performance

    A crushing performance of the can-can from the Netherlands. Here is one person with way too much time on their hands.

    Bacon Body Wash by Archie McPhee Smells Like Real Bacon

      Bacon Body Wash is going to change the way you wash. Before this fantastic product, when you wanted to shower with liquid bacon, your best bet would be to take a vat of bacon drippings into the shower with you and use it to moisturize.

      914: Alcatraz Spaghetti Riot

        The Alcatraz Spaghetti Riot of 1950 involved messages that were discreetly conveyed by manipulating the prison menu, all without the awareness of the guards and security personnel.

        They Draw & Cook: Illustrated Recipes

          “They Draw & Cook” stands as a remarkable platform that flawlessly merges the realms of food and art, presenting an abundant collection of recipes that are transformed into visual masterpieces by the skillful hands of artists from diverse cultural backgrounds worldwide.

          Popeye Candy Cigarettes

            There is a common misconception perpetuated by some that Popeye candy cigarettes could encourage children to start smoking. I have a fondness for the nostalgic packaging of Popeye candy sticks.

            Kit Kat Soda

              This presents yet another compelling illustration of the cross-platform utilization of renowned products. In Japan, you have the intriguing opportunity to purchase Kit Kat chocolate… Read More »Kit Kat Soda

              The Anatomy of a Gummi Bear

                It’s fascinating to note that the Gummi Bear has its origins in Germany, dating back to its creation in 1922. Referred to as “Gummibär,” which translates to “rubber bear.”