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popeye 90 years

Popeye The Sailor Man Day on January 17

    Celebrate the 95th Birthday of the globally acclaimed spinach-loving and seafaring legend, Popeye the Sailor Man! New comic strips are still released weekly!

    How Many Bazooka Joe Comic Strips are There?

      “Bazooka Joe” comic-strip wrappers that have graced store shelves over the years. Astoundingly, there are more than 1,535 distinct and captivating iterations of these wrappers available for avid collectors to seek out and treasure.

      Andy Warhol: A Graphic Biography

        So, who in the world was Andy Warhol? In this colorful graphic novel extravaganza titled “Andy Warhol: A Graphic Biography,” we’re about to peel back the layers of Warhol’s life like a never-ending onion.

        Panic in the streets

          There is panic in the streets! A palpable sense of unease and strangeness pervades the atmosphere on the streets. This eerie sensation is keenly felt by both children and adults, School is back!