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Netflix launches new controller app for iPhone

    Netflix has recently introduced the Netflix Game Controller application, a pioneering step that grants users the exciting ability to engage in immersive gaming experiences on their television screens through the platform.

    Monopoly David Bowie Board Game

    Monopoly: David Bowie Board Game Special Edition

      Here is a game oddity that is long overdue. David Bowie finally has his own Monopoly game based on his various musical personalities. Not only did Ziggy play guitar but he also played Monopoly. According to Amazon sales, the best-selling Monopoly game after the original game is Monopoly Unicorns vs. Llamas. This game decides once-and-for-all who is the cutest and the best: Unicorns or Llamas.

      puzzle supernova

      Hunt-A-Killer’s Supernova is a mixture of tabletop puzzles, a comic book, and a sci-fi mystery

        Get ready for The Cosmic Adventures of Supernova. Get the premium experience with this puzzle-driven adventure for comic book and sci-fi fans. Hunt-A-Killer has made a name for itself as the premier company for episodic mystery games. They are branching out with Supernova with comic book sci-fi elements. 2022’s Supernova, Hunt-A-Killer has expanded on these one-off games for an expansive and immersive puzzle-solving adventure.

        Special edition Yellow Submarine Playing Cards produced in collaboration with The Beatles2

        Special edition Yellow Submarine Playing Cards – produced in collaboration with The Beatles

          Join Paul, John, George, and Ringo as they take a journey on a yellow submarine to Pepperland to save the music-loving inhabitants from the Blue Meanies! Premium playing cards featuring fan-favorite characters and artwork from the iconic animated musical adventure. The decks are illustrated with remarkable details and colorful, vibrant imagery. “It’s all in the mind y’know!”

          space 1999 jigsaw puzzle by lee sullivan official exclusive artwork

          Space: 1999 Jigsaw Puzzle by Lee Sullivan

            The Official Gerry Anderson Store presents here a Space: 1999 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. This comic style jigsaw puzzle design features key characters from Space:1999 and is newly commissioned art by comic artist Lee Sullivan.  

            clueless metallica

            Clue The Classic Mystery Games joins forces with Metallica

              Picture this: The band and crew are back at HQ to record METALLICA’s next album, but with all the excitement, a key piece of equipment has gone missing. As the hours tick by, the group grows more and more eager to begin. They decide to split up and scour the building for any trace of their missing equipment. Find out what piece has gone missing, where it’s hiding, and who finds it so the recording session can get back on track!

              centipede gamebox atari

              Centipede: Recharged 2021

                Atari has announced Centipede: Recharged, a re-imagining of the original arcade classic. The original bug-blasting arcade game is back! Centipede: Recharged has been reimagined for modern gameplay, with vibrant visuals designed for modern screens, a 16:9 field of play, and an original soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee.

       The Infinite Scrabble Game on Steriods

         is the virtual battlefield of linguistic prowess that never takes a coffee break! Imagine a game of Scrabble where players join like ants to a picnic, and you’ll begin to grasp the sheer scale of the fun.

                  FarmVille vs. Real Farms

                    How does FarmVille compare to the authentic experience of tending to a genuine farm? An illuminating infographic presented by Mashable introduces a fresh perspective on the FarmVille phenomenon.