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duckduckgo vs. google 1

DuckDuckGo Best Private Search Engine

    DuckDuckGo has been growing bigger in the past 12 months. The search engine emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy. You can get seamless privacy protection on your browser for free with one download. DuckDuckGo has become the #2 search engine on mobile devices, they are above Yahoo, Bing, and Firefox. This is huge news for the company.


      son Kottke’s blog has been around for some time. Jason covers just about every topic of relevance under the sun. This is one stop you do not want to miss each day. No topic is off-limits.

      Wedding Cancelled

      Cancelled Weddings

        You just dodges a bullet. The wedding is cancelled. The New York Times commissioned Jessica Hische to come up with these subtle humorous cards about cancelled weddings. Did you know you could sell your cancelled wedding and honeymoon to recoup your lost money? Now you can profit on from somebody’s misery. is “The World’s Biggest Online Market for Buying and Selling Canceled Weddings & Honeymoons.”