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ELTON JOHN @ 75 is a spectacular tribute to a legendary artist

    ELTON JOHN @ 75

    Elton John’s music has permeated itself into pop culture for generations. The music always shines through but his onstage persona gave an extra feature to his fans. He was a showman who played every angle to strengthen his music. ELTON JOHN @ 75 is a fitting book for the glam performer. The camera loved Elton and he knows it goes hand and hand with his music. There are not too musicians at 75 who can command an outstanding performance with a wide net that casts over many generations. Still relevant @ 75, Elton John still has a few tricks up his sleeves. Seasoned rock journalist Gillian Gaar has captured the true essence of the iconic musician. ELTON JOHN @ 75 is perhaps the most concise book on Elton with pictures galore to feast hungry eyes.

    ELTON JOHN @ 75

    I will be honest, I grew up with Elton’s music in different aspects of my life. Never a big fan, but after reading ELTON JOHN @ 75, my fondness grew with an appreciation for the body of work that this man has accumulated throughout the years. Like all other long-reigning rockers out there, Elton had his ups and downs. Like a fine wine, he matured to spread to all generations. Elton is a global icon.

    I have become a fan of the @ 75 series. The last David Bowie @ 75 was a trip. Both men had the same music projectile in their careers. I truly want to see more books like @ 75.

    ELTON JOHN @ 75

    Few rock artists continue to gather more and more adulation with age. Sir Elton Hercules John is an exception who proves the rule. In ELTON JOHN @ 75, veteran rock journalist Gillian Gaar examines the rock icon through the lens of 75 career accomplishments and life eventsKey studio albums are featured, of course, as are a curated selection of his earworm singles. But Gaar delves deeper to reveal the events that helped chart the course of Elton’s career:

    ELTON JOHN @ 75
    • Key performances such as his breakthrough performance at LA’s Troubadour, and the historic Soviet Union and Dodger Stadium concerts
    • Legendary collaborations with the likes of George Michael, Billy Joel, and Kate Bush
    • His many film and television roles, including Tommy and The Muppet Show
    • Tireless work on behalf of AIDS research
    • Notable awards and honors, including a knighthood
    • And of course, his collaboration with longtime co-writer Bernie Taupin
    ELTON JOHN @ 75

    Beginning with his 1969 debut LP, Elton John is regarded as one of the most influential musicians and performers of the previous five decades. In examining 75 touchstones, Gaar provides a unique presentation of Elton’s career arc, from his first steps as a solo artist to the breakthrough album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road to his flamboyant stage presence, and beyond.

    Every page is illustrated with stunning concert and candid offstage photography, including gig posters, 7-inch picture sleeves, and more. This incredible package also includes a gatefold Elton John timeline, a previously unpublished gatefold artwork, an 8×10-inch glossy print, and a pullout poster. The result is a stunning tribute to one of the most admired stars in rock—in a milestone year.

    ELTON JOHN @ 75

    Gillian G. Gaar has written for numerous publications, including MojoRolling Stone, and Goldmine. Previous books include She’s a Rebel: The History of Women in Rock & RollEntertain Us: The Rise of Nirvana; Return of the King: Elvis Presley’s Great ComebackThe Doors: The Complete Illustrated History; and Boss: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band—The Illustrated History. She lives in Seattle.

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