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Frogger Coming to Streaming Service Peacock

    Like from a bad George Costanza nightmare, NBC is no stranger to Frogger. The game was featured in the classic episode “The Frogger” by Seinfeld. George found himself in the actual game after trying to preserve his high-score of 860,630 points when the plug was pulled off from the Frogger cabinet. In Streaming service, Peacock is creating a live competitive game version of the classic 1981 video game. Either this is going to be a splash or just plain roadkill. Ker-splash!

    “A fierce and ridiculously fun competition, Frogger will feature twelve outrageous obstacle courses or ‘crossings.’ These physically demanding challenges will see contestants dodge treacherous traffic, leap over snapping gators and hop over hungry hippos to conquer the course,” read the Peacock announcement from this morning. “Contestants from across the country will test their talent in a competition requiring skill, strength, strategy and problem-solving smarts. Who will have what it takes to be America’s finest Frogger and jump away with a massive cash prize?”

    Thirteen hour-long episodes of Frogger have been ordered by Peacock. To apply to be a contestant visit

    Fun Fact: The first score to have been verified as having beaten the fictional George Costanza Seinfeld score of 860,630 points was set by Pat Laffaye on December 22, 2009, with 896,980 points