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From the small screen to comic books: American TV Comic Books (1940s-1980s) by Peter Bosch

    Sure the comic book publishers had a well-established property by printing TV series in comic book form. Some were successful, others not so much. Kids from the 40s-to 80s were not spoiled with the internet like the kids of today. Comic books were the only extension outside the TV shows besides the novelization of top-notch shows. Peter Bosch brings out in full color those amazing TV show tie-ins comic books from yesterday. American TV Comic Books (1940s-1980s) by TwoMorrows Publishing is a great addition to your home library. Be sure to also buy Retro Fan from TwoMorrows Publishing.

    American TV Comic Books (1940s-1980s) takes you from the small screen to the printed page, offering a fascinating and detailed year-by-year history of over 300 television shows and their 2000+ comic book adaptations across five decades. Author Peter Bosch has spent years researching and documenting this amazing area of comics history, tracking down the well-known series (Star Trek, The Munsters) and the lesser-known shows (Captain Gallant, Pinky Lee) to present the finest look ever taken at this unique genre of comic books. Included are hundreds of full-color covers and images, plus profiles of the artists who drew TV comics: Gene Colan, Alex Toth, Dan Spiegle, Russ Manning, John Buscema, Russ Heath, and many more giants of the comic book world. Whether you loved watching The Lone Ranger, Rawhide, and Zorro from the 1950s—The Andy Griffith Show, The Monkees, and The Mod Squad in the 1960s—Adam-12, Battlestar Galactica, and The Bionic Woman in the 1970s—or Alf, Fraggle Rock, and “V” in the 1980s—there’s something here for fans of TV and comics alike!

    Tony M.