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Google Background Image: How To Remove And Add Images

    Taking a cue from Microsoft’s Bing, Google now has backgrounds for those not wanting the minimalist white look. Now you can bling bling to express your individuality. Mix reaction is abound with the introduction the new toy. It’s about time. You can remain old school and leave it blank or spruce it up to your heart’s desire. The Google background is not taxing on loading time and a great added feature.

    1. Go to and login into your Google account.

    2. Click ‘Change Background Image’ button at bottom left part of Google homepage.

    3. Then select image for displaying as background from public gallery or from your Picasa photo albums. You can use images with minimum 800X600 resolution of either format: JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, RAW.

    4. After making photo choice, click Select button to display that image as background wallpaper on Google search homepage. [via Google Blog]