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Hulu is your new animation destination with Animayhem

Exclusive information obtained by Variety reveals that Hulu is set to launch a new sub-brand called Animayhem, which will be dedicated to adult animation and anime. This strategic move aims to capitalize on Hulu’s already successful adult animation and anime series roster. Shows such as “American Dad,” “Bob’s Burgers,” “Family Guy,” “Futurama,” and “King of the Hill” consistently rank among Hulu’s top 10 most-streamed shows in terms of hours watched.

Hulu intends to showcase Animayhem at San Diego Comic-Con with an interactive experience titled “Hulu Animayhem: Into the Second Dimension.” This immersive journey will provide fans with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the worlds of their beloved animated shows.

“Creating this destination is obvious when you have the number one offering in adult animation and anime of any major streaming service. We know exactly where we can meet these fans because they’re already here,” said Barrie Gruner, Hulu’s executive vice president of marketing and publicity, in an interview with Variety.

“Creating this brand was really the brainchild of our leadership, Shannon Ryan, who runs marketing for Disney Entertainment Television, and Joe Earley, the president of D2C,” Gruner continued. “It quickly picked up momentum throughout the whole company. All the teams really shared the enthusiasm around that because it’s such a unique opportunity to give fans what they want.”

“I would say that this brand really cements Hulu as the ultimate streaming destination for animation and we’re not going to achieve that with single title campaigns,” Gruner said. “This is truly an intersection with our original programming and our library.”

Hulu currently boasts an impressive collection of 46 adult animated series, totaling 174 seasons and 2,600 episodes. In the realm of anime, Hulu offers 17 films and 272 series, which amounts to 435 seasons and a staggering 18,400 episodes, including subtitled and English dubbed versions.

The launch of Animayhem is strategically timed, coinciding with the upcoming new season of “Futurama” on July 24th, a series that Hulu commissioned in February 2022. Additionally, Hulu has ordered a revival of “King of the Hill,” although no specific premiere date has been announced as of now.