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Living Off the Fat of the Land: How Fat is America

    Mississippi is the fattest state for 5th straight year, Colorado still leanest

    Just how fat is the United States? For five years in a row Mississippi is declared the fattest state and Colorado still leanest state. Over 70% residents in Mississippi are overweight. All the data was entered by CalorieLab, the fat map of the United States paints a grim picture of just how bad people are doing health wise. Living off the fat is a main reason for the crisis in the United States, an unhealthy country is a sad state of affairs globally. Why are people are getting fatter?

    It was the birth of the nasty food web-trend. And it was delicious.The website This is Why You?re Fat is an ode to this trend – whether seen as a commentary on North American dietary habits or a celebration of the deliciously bad – Amason and Blakey are devoted to the world’s new found obsession with over-the-top food. Within its first month the site pulled in over ten million eye balls, and attracted major nation media including CNN. The world cooked, they listened.