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Mad Magazine: What, Me Worry? 

    mad magazine what me worry lps musically mad and mad twists rock n roll plus bonus tracks

    Mad Magazine: What, Me Worry? collects both “Musically Mad” & “Mad Twists Rock ‘N’ Roll” lp records.

    MAD MAGAZINE was incorporated in 1952 and throughout its existence, maintained its status as a benchmark of comedic and satirical excellence, eventually biting the dust in 2018.

    The Simpsons’ producer Bill Oakley later observed: ‘Basically, everyone who was young between 1955 and 1975 read MAD, and that’s where your sense of humor came from.’

    Over the decades, MAD occasionally dabbled in spinoff musical projects; this unique compilation anthologizes its earliest such excursions, a couple of which barely qualify as ‘musical’, but nonetheless appeared as flexi-discs, given away with the mag.

    Tony M.