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New Looney Tunes Cartoons

    It’s been no secret among animators and hardcore fans of the Looney Tunes franchise that they were getting a make-over for a new weekly children’s show. Ottawa animator Jessica Borutski has been on the receiving side of some nasty comments from die hard fans chastising her involvement of the new look of Bugs and the rest of the gang. It remains to be seen if the new series will ever take off, Warner Brothers has failed on many occasions to capture the magic from the original concepts. The brunt of this criticism is unfounded, people are afraid of change. The final product has not even been delivered.

    One website,, delivered a scathing review, calling her redesigns “embarrassing.”

    “Yeah, I’m with you on that. Why change it? It’s perfect. But it’s 2010, it’s not 1945, and kids know Bugs Bunny and they love him but I think this is a way they can sort of, you know, create a whole new property — an exciting new property — still using these great characters.”