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Peanuts Happiness Is Having (A Fill-in Book)

    Charles M. Schulz with simple line drawings was able to convey a whole set of emotions. The wholesomeness of those lines became jaggier with age but tapped into the universality of happiness. Peanuts: Happiness Is Having a Friend A Fill-In Book taps into the Peanutsverse with some of the most iconic images of the Peanuts gang. Show your happiness by buying this book from runningpress to spread a little happiness to the person you care the most about.

    Whether they’re loyal like Charlie Brown or silly like Snoopy, tell a pal how much their friendship means to you with this customizable book. This interactive book invites you to fill in what you love about your friend, with 46 writing prompts inspired by the Peanuts gang. Once completed, this book becomes a personalized gift that shows that happiness is having a friend.

    Accompanied by full-color illustrations throughout, prompts include:

    • Like Linus’s security blanket, you’re always _______.
    • When I’m in my “depressed stance,” you know _______ always cheers me up.
    • We were total blockheads that one time we _______.
    • Just wait until next year! Together, we will _______.
    • and many more!

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