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Popeye Classics Popeye (Black & White) figurine

    “Well Blow Me Down!”

    Boss Fight Studio, the ingenious minds behind this latest creation, has masterfully transformed our beloved classic Sailor Man and his trusty crew into highly articulated figures that are set to send waves of excitement rippling through the hearts of fans everywhere. That’s right, folks – Popeye and his gang are sailing into the world of collectible figures!

    Taking a cue from the vintage Segar comic strips that captured our imaginations, these figures come decked out in an exclusive BBTS Black & White Deco. It’s like a blast from the past, rekindling the nostalgia and charm of those early days when Popeye first made his mark.

    But let’s talk about the main attraction – Popeye himself. He’s not just any old action figure; he’s a pocket-sized powerhouse of spinach-fueled action! Equipped with his iconic spinach can, Popeye is ready to flex those muscles and take on any challenge. But that’s not all – he’s got a hat that can be easily removed for those moments when he’s letting his hair down (not that he has much hair to let down). And don’t forget those expressive alternate heads that capture his range of emotions, from determined to downright mischievous.

    But what would Popeye be without his precious little Swee’Pea? Fear not, because this figure also includes the pint-sized tyke, complete with all the adorable details that make him a cherished part of Popeye’s world.

    So, whether you’re a lifelong Popeye fan or just looking to add a dash of whimsy to your collection, these figures are primed to become treasured keepsakes. Get ready to set sail with Popeye, and let the adventures begin!

    Product Features

    • 1/12 Scale
    • Made of plastic
    • Fully articulated
    • Based on the classic Popeye cartoons
    • Black & White deco
    • BBTS Exclusive
    Tony M.