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Qwerkywriter retro typewriter computer keyboard

    Nothing like the clickity-clackity of a metallic mechanical keyboard. This is where old meets new. I can see myself pounding a few pages like the old pulp writers. The Qwerkywriter chassis is constructed entirely out of a scratch-resistant aluminum alloy for an incredible feel of quality and durability.

    The Qwerkywriter’s signature all-metal macro programmable return bar defaults to the “enter” key.  But you can program it up to 15 characters to generate signatures and even copy, cut, and paste commands. It has a built-in integrated tablet stand that can accommodate comfortably up to 10.5-inch screens.  It can also accommodate most 12-inch tablets as long as it’s less than 5/8 inch thick. The Qwerkywriter can be connected to up to 3 wireless devices via Bluetooth and switched amongst them. The Qwerkywriter can also be connected via wired USB-C. The Qwerkywriter also features an internal battery that can last up to 3-4 weeks on a single charge with normal use.

    Tony M.