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Rocket Robin Hood Stranded

    My primary source for staying up to date with the latest developments in the world of DVDs is the knowledgeable Dr. Sinister. Recently, he shared an interesting tidbit of information he received from his contacts at Warner Canada. According to Dr. Sinister’s sources, the highly anticipated Rocket Robin Hood DVD box sets have encountered yet another delay, with their release now slated for early 2008.

    The reason for this latest postponement revolves around an issue with the audio tracks, specifically for three episodes, which happen to be on the French side of the box set. These missing audio tracks have posed a significant obstacle in the path of this release, and the production team is working diligently to resolve this issue before launching the product. This delay, while undoubtedly frustrating for fans eagerly awaiting the release, demonstrates the commitment to quality and attention to detail that Warner Canada is known for.

    The decision to release these box sets is driven by a combination of nostalgia and a revival of interest in the series, largely owing to the involvement of renowned animator Ralph Bakshi. Rocket Robin Hood has an intriguing history; it was once regarded as one of the worst cartoons created for television. However, it has since gained a unique and enduring place in the hearts of many viewers. Its charm lies in the rough and unrefined animation style and storyboards, which, although criticized for their quality at the time, now hold a certain sentimental appeal.

    Rocket Robin Hood’s resurgence is a testament to the enduring power of nostalgia, as well as the evolution of our appreciation for vintage animation. Despite its initial shortcomings, the series has found its niche in the hearts of those who appreciate its historical significance and unique characteristics. This delayed release is likely to stir up more anticipation among fans and provide a chance for a new generation to discover the peculiar and endearing world of Rocket Robin Hood.