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Big brother is going to get more interesting as smart-phones start making internet access more mobile. Some of the top social network sites are exposing you more geographically accountable to where you are located and hopefully creating a business model for people to churn a profit off your whereabouts. SimpleGeo is as simple as it can get in locating people. Depending how you want to harvest the data, it will be useful for somebody out there.

This is the data SimpleGeo collected from the eight geolocated data providers (FourSquare, Gowalla, Twitter, Flickr, Bump, Brightkite, BlockChalk, and Fwix) during the South by SouthWest Interactive Festival. The live datastream was available on, but we thought people might enjoy a conference retrospective in data. If you’d like to have access to this data and more, and/or outsource your entire geolocation infrastructure to the experts in massive geodatasets, check out; we’re in Beta right now, with a full launch at the end of March!
Created with Processing ( ).
Maps from the OpenStreetMap project ( ).