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Spider-Man: A History and Celebration of the Web-Slinger, Decade by Decade

    Spider Man A History and Celebration of the Web Slinger Decade by Decade

    The first superhero I followed was Spider-Man. He has become the everyman hero. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is 60 years old. I don’t think Stan Lee thought this teenage hero would become the most significant property for Marvel in 1962. Can you imagine, five years later, Spider-Man had a cartoon show with the catchiest theme song?

    The first comic book I purchased was Spider-Man. I used to watch the cartoon religiously and every other Spider-Man-related product offered on the small and big screens. Do I know everything about Spider-Man, perhaps but not all?

    Spider-Man: A History and Celebration of the Web-Slinger, Decade by Decade filled nicely in the gaps I forgot about. This is perhaps the best-friendly neighborhood book on Spidey ever published. You have everything you need to know about your favorite web-slinger. The comprehensive volume is a great way to introduce yourself to the whole story of Spider-Man. You may think you know it all, there is something here for true fans and casual ones. This comprehensive book by Peter A. David, and Robert Greenberger and updated by Matthew K. Manning does not disappoint. It is worth every penny. I review many books, this one really got me pumping in anticipation.

    In celebration of his illustrious and expansive history, Spider-Man: A History and Celebration of the Web-Slinger, Decade by Decade is a comprehensive collection of exciting art and expert commentary that brings Spidey’s backstory out of the archive and into the arms of fans worldwide. Organized by decade, you will:

    • Relive the origin and adaptations of Spider-Man, along with his friends and enemies, through comic books, films, TV shows, toys, and more
    • Spark your memory with “remember when?” moments (the Spider-Mobile, anyone?)
    • Recall the most interesting and shocking plot points of the comic
    • Meet the creators who worked on Spider-Man’s adventures throughout the years

    Illustrated with images from comics, movies, and other Spider-Man–related items, this collection is a must-have for any fan of the web-slinger.