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Stephen King: His Life, Work, and Influences (Paperback -Young Readers’ Edition)

    A thrilling visual companion curated for young adults voraciously reading their way through Stephen King’s colossal corpus of creepy books.

    Bev Vincent‘s thorough examination in “Stephen King: His Life, Work, And Influences (Young Readers’ Edition)” takes readers on an unparalleled journey spanning Stephen King’s remarkable 50-year career. As a literary giant, King has left an indelible mark on the storytelling landscape of humanity, unrivaled in its scope and influence. His enduring creativity assures readers of a wealth of new and enthralling experiences awaiting discovery within the pages of his works.

    Stephen King’s work offers a rich tapestry of narratives that beckons readers to immerse themselves at any juncture. Bev Vincent masterfully encapsulates King’s essence in this book, offering a comprehensive guide that unveils the layers of his life, influences, and literary achievements. For young readers embarking on their journey into King’s world, I wholeheartedly recommend starting with Vincent’s insightful companion, “Stephen King: His Life, Work, And Influences (Young Readers’ Edition)” and for those a bit older can thumb through Stephen King: A Complete Exploration of His Work Life, and Influences.

    My son, now a bit older has immersed himself in the captivating world of Stephen King, devouring 60 of his books and eagerly counting more. “Stephen King: His Life, Work, and Influences” would have been an invaluable companion to enhance his understanding and appreciation of King’s literary universe. This comprehensive exploration digs up into the depths of King’s life, dissecting his prolific body of work and the myriad influences that have shaped his unparalleled storytelling prowess. With its rich insights and contextual analysis, it would undoubtedly enrich my son’s reading experience and deepen his admiration for the master of horror himself.

    For many young readers, when the last page of Goosebumps is turned, the first chapter of Pet Sematary begins, and a world of terror crafted by Stephen King is revealed. His novels are as fascinating as his life, and in this ultimate illustrated guidebook, young readers explore the cultural phenomenon and legacy of the King of Horror.

    From scare-seeking child to impoverished university student to struggling schoolteacher to one of the best-selling–and most recognizable–authors of all time, this engaging book reveals the evolution and influences of Stephen King’s body of work over his nearly 50-year career, and how the themes of his writing reflect the changing times and events within his life.

    With tons of photos, approachable bite-size sections, and gripping details to captivate young readers, the book features:

    – An extensive look into Stephen King’s books, short stories, writings, movies, series, and other adaptations ideal for the young reader to review.

    – Exclusive memorabilia from Stephen King, including personal and professional correspondences, manuscript pages, book covers, movie stills, and never-before-seen excerpts from his poems.

    – Personal insights and observations such as real-life settings that inspired King’s writing, the editor who discovered him, his life as a Boston Red Sox fan, and his many awards and honors.

    – Motivating quotes from King from interviews over the decades.

    “My childhood was pretty ordinary, except at a very early age I wanted to be scared…there was a radio program at the time called Dimension X, and my mother didn’t want me to listen to that because she felt it was too scary for me, so I would creep out of bed and go to the bedroom door and crack it open. And she loved it, so apparently, I got it from her, but I would listen at the door and then when the program was over, I’d go back to bed and quake.” –Stephen King

    Young adults will covet this comprehensive yet accessible reference to their favorite horror author.

    The 176-page paperback will be released on September 3, 2024.

    Tony M.