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T-World: Sesame Street


    T-WORLD: THE JOURNAL OF T-SHIRT CULTURE is already on issue six. The pricey magazine features a variant cover of four classic Sesame Street characters. If you are lucky to get your hands on this Australian magazine, the t-shirt culture will open your eyes to some exciting cool t-shirts.

    “Sesame Street! Masterminded by T-World’s editor Eddie Zammit as an excuse to get on to the set of the show, this issue features actual in-character interviews with Bert, Big Bird, Oscar and Cookie Monster as well as showcasing a range of Sesame Street tee’s commissioned specifically for this issue from designers like Beci Orpin, Vince Frost and Threadless.

    There are four limited edition covers featuring Grover, the Count, Oscar (no longer a grouch, apparently) and the world’s most famous banana shaped man… Bert (I am devestated that their is no Ernie, but perhaps that would have been too obvious). The covers look sensational on shelf – very important to us from a retail point of view!”