Cartoon Animation with Preston Blair Returns with a new revised edition!

Cartoon Animation with Preston Blair Returns with a new revised edition!

Preston Blair began his career in the early 1930s at the Universal studio under Walter Lantz and Bill Nolan. He went on later to work for all the major animation studios from Walt Disney to The Flintstones at Hanna-Barbera for over 50 years. You will recognize his footprint in animation through the halcyon days of animation. However, he is better known for his book, Cartoon Animation with Preston Blair, published in 1948. A brand-new edition of Cartoon Animation with Preston Blair is available by Walter Foster Publishing, an imprint of The Quarto Group.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

[youtube]Within 100 years hair has evolved very fast in the 20th century. Hair is a statement of individuality. What you do with your hair will either draw attention to distraction to you.

The Happy Prince

There was a time in my youth when things were simpler. The Happy Prince animation based on Oscar Wilde’s short story is one of those stories that tug at your heartstrings. It has nothing to do with Christmas. The spirit of the story is right for the moment of giving.

Musical Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Misery loves company. Now you can be like good ol’ Charlie Brown and buy a shitty Christmas tree at Home Depot. This paltry puny tree can be yours too. Somehow I feel cheated buying this tree. I would not buy a bag of rocks for Halloween. Wait a minute, I think I might want to…

Charles Schulz: Peanuts Artist’s Edition

Get inside the original works of Charles Schulz. It is like owning original art from Charles Schulz without paying top dollar. IDW publishing has added Peanuts to their stable of original Artist’s Editions line. The key success of Schulz was simplicity. The relatively time standing comic strip captured the hearts of millions throughout the world….

Mickey Mouse Watch

The Mickey Mouse Watch was introduced in August 3rd, 1933 at a cost of $3.25. It was later lowered to $2.95. By 1949 over 5 million watches were sold. In today’s economy $3.25 would set you back $56.00. It was pretty pricey considering the depression era.

Hal Lasko: The Pixel Painter

Earlier versions of Windows boasted Microsoft Paint. Photoshop was too expensive, so it was a free tool we all used.  97 year old  Hal Lasko an artist still uses MS Paint to create elaborate paintings.  It shows you what tenacity and patience can produce. Hal Lasko, better known as Grandpa, worked as a graphic artist…


[vimeo 70764352 w=560 h=315] This is as close as you will get to a sequel of Lost.  Cute animation has Lost elements of a mysterious island.  Azúl was created by six Supinfocom Arles: Rémy Busson, Francis Canitrot, Aurélien Duhayon, Sébastien Iglesias, Maxence Martin and Paùl Monge. A small group of cruise-ship revelers find themselves alone…

Walt Disney Rejects Woman Animator For Job

Don Cherry feels that women have no place in male dressing rooms in sports.  Walt Disney felt women had no place in animating movies.  Here is a 1938 rejection letter sent to Mary V. Ford from the studio who just put out Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It is ironic that an animated film…

The Matrix in 60 Seconds

[youtube] To the non-geeks out there who have not seen The Matrix, this 60 seconds animation will satisfy your curiosity.