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CAKE: Age Of Aquarius

    CAKE is back with a new single. They are no strangers doing cover versions. Their unique spin on classics such as Gloria Gaynor’s song “I Will Survive” and Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” take the songs to new levels of musical interpretation. “Age of Aquarius” is no different, we certainly need an upbeat tune.

    Rainbow Cake

      The rain is over. The grass is greener.  The trees exploded with new leaves. I am happy. There above my table is a rainbow cake.

      Jupiter Cake

        Cakecrumbs is a site about the artistry of cake decorating by 25 year old Rhiannon, a zoological graduate from Australia. She created an orb cake… Read More »Jupiter Cake

        Heart Cake Mold

          This heart shape cake mold will make you the sweetheart of the party. It cuts six perfect decadent hearts of cake.

          The Manly Wedding Cake

            Marriage is an adventure. This has to be the best wedding cake by far. This is a wedding cake James Bond would order.