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Churro Hot-Dog

    The Diamondbacks want a captive audience at their baseball games. Introducing the 1,117-Calorie Churro Dog, eat these and you will be permanently glued to their… Read More »Churro Hot-Dog


      Each Monday when recycling comes, you can see all the bottles of booze ready for pickup. The guy lying on his concrete bed downtown is… Read More »Winebulance

      Haggis Pops

        Don’t they look delicious? Haggis pops sure look like cake pops till you learn that haggis is sheep innards. Yuck! The only thing I want… Read More »Haggis Pops

        Nessie Ladle

          Soup must taste better with this cute Nessie ladle.  I am a sucker for gimmicks.

          The Trendy Restaurant Menu

            You just opened the newest trendy restaurant. Here is what a typical trendy restaurant menu looks like.  Remember bread is available upon request.