Can-Can Performance

Can-Can Performance

A crushing performance of the can-can from the Netherlands. Here is one person with way too much time on their hands.

Internet Abbreviations

As a parent it is pretty hard to figure out all those internet abbreviations out there.  Doghousediaries has it all figured out for us. FTW (For The Walrus)

Turtles: Truth be Told

Jeff Wysaski alters signs to a new comedic level. His honest labeling of a pet turtle at a pet shop is hilarious. His Obvious Plant Tumblr account is riddled with so many altered signs.

Valentine’s Day Release Contract

I went to the florist last night with my daughter to pick the nicest bouquet of flowers for my wife. I pleaded with my daughter not to continue this silly tradition that I have become victim to each year. I am sure every girlfriend and wife each year tells their significant other that they do…

Bicycle Banana Holder

I am not much of a bicyclist as I should be. I certainty do not eat bananas when I cycle, if you have a need to then the bicycle banana-hammock is ideal for you. Be ready for numerous phallic jokes. Your significant other will most likely ask you if you are happy to see them….

Colonel Sanders and Alice Cooper

Welcome to my nightmare, the oddest couple who ever met. Colonel Sanders and Alice Cooper. Alice was quite the spotlight kid in the seventies. Many wanted to meet and greet the shockmeister to advance their fleeting careers. It’s perfect recipe of Humanary Stew.

Gas Station Pump Solutions

[youtube] Russian ingenuity at its best. When your fuel hose is too short to reach your gas tank, what do you do? Move your car or lift your car. You guessed it. You lift your car closer to the pump. I thought those Ladas were heavy.

Dearest Netflix: A Break-up Letter

Are you like me who is always scrolling for something decent to watch on Netflix?  I found this amusing faux break-up letter to Netlix that harks my sentiment about the recent movie selection.  I am holding out till the new season of House of Cards.  Netflix to me is like AMC  that dangles Mad Men…

BatDad: Cool Dads on Vine

Dads get too much flack from society. Cool dads are thriving on Vine. My favorite funny dad is BatDad who mentors his young kids in Batman character voice. There are many funny and cool dads creeping up on Vine. Dads rule too!