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sandwich friends from IKEA

Meet Sandwich Friends From Ikea

    Now here is a brilliant idea. Toys created by kids for kids. IKEA selected 5 ideas submitted by kids from all over the world for their new line of stuffed soft toys. I really love the Sandwich Friends. All five will be a global phenomenon.

    ikea rug receipt

    The IKEA receipt rug

      Fashion designer Virgil Abloh’s creation, an oversized IKEA shopping receipt in the style of pop art, bears a remarkable resemblance to an authentic receipt from the renowned furniture retailer.


      Learning Swedish Through IKEA

        The only exposure I ever got to the Swedish language was from the Flintstones’ episode about the two boarders called Ole and Sven. IKEA has taught me the rest of the Swedish language.

        Make Paper Plane

          Magnes, a Polish magazine teaches you how to make a paper airplane in Ikea style.

          IKEA: Organizing Your Desktop

            IKEA wants to organize your desktop just like you do your own house. An cluttered desktop will make your work a lot easier each day.

            IKEA Cookbook

              IKEA is a no nonsense company, perfection and originality are the most important ingredients to success. They are releasing a recipe book of 30 recipes… Read More »IKEA Cookbook