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mad magazine

New MAD Magazine Tinkers with Toys!

    MAD magazine had fallen off my radar for quite some time, and I had assumed it had met its demise. However, the latest edition, notably the Barbie parody, managed to tickle my funny bone once again.

    mad magazine what me worry lps musically mad and mad twists rock n roll plus bonus tracks

    Mad Magazine: What, Me Worry? 

      Mad Magazine: What, Me Worry? MAD occasionally dabbled in spinoff musical projects; this unique compilation anthologizes its earliest such excursions.

      inked cartoons confessions rejected ideas and secret sketches from the new yorkers joe dator

      Inked: Cartoons, Confessions, Rejected Ideas, And Secret Sketches From The New Yorker’s Joe Dator

        But Inked is more than a book of cartoons. Dator also dives into the creative process, offering bonus commentary on how ideas have come to fruition, how one idea has led to another, and the various attempts to get an idea right. Along the way, he shows how a spark of imagination has turned into a laugh-out-loud moment with only a single image and caption, and how other attempts have found themselves on the cutting-room floor.


        Mad Magazine Artist Al Jaffee Turns 100 Years

          Al Jaffee made his first Mad Magazine debut 65 years ago. Jaffee is famous for creating the “Fold-In” and “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.” will be 100 years on March 13.